A major part of the system is the climate and weather information that will be presented to the farmer. This will be made to both extrapolate weather data from the web and also have the capacity to accept input from an administrator.


Here we deal with data on seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, etc. It not only recommends farm input to help with the farmer's chosen crop but provides them with information like price, content, availability and usage information as well as a buying/selling option.


This section presents the farmer with a variety of information about their soil and as such will have geo-location features which will enable us know where the farmer is in order to display relevant information or fetch from the farmer registration repository.


This section is dedicated to market information about different commodities displayed to the farmer with priority on their chosen crop. Apart from market prices of commodities, a buy and sell feature is also made available.


In this section the farmer is presented with financial information ranging from his expenses, liabilities, and balances as well as available insurance, loans or other financial packages to aid their farming activities.


The farming calendar is fully represented, allowing the farmer to select a date and time and record or plan an activity which will be stored for a monthly or seasonal report to be generated by the farmer or administrator.

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