About Us

Verdant aims at providing agricultural data science, market information, managerial support, and access to financial services to rural farmers for improved food productions using mobile phones.

All services are location based and tailored to the farmer's specific crop choice and location.

What We Do

We offer personalised scientific agricultural information and market intelligence to crop farmers in Nigeria through a mobile application that acts as an all-round companion for the farmer from the pre-planting period to harvest and beyond.

  • Overview

  • Our Vision: To radically reengineer agriculture in Nigeria and beyond.

  • Key to Success: Dedicated services for all farmers.

  • Our promise: Knowledge and access to immense benefits for farmers.

The Verdant Pilots

We have launched two projects in collaboration with OXFAM and GIZ In a bid to connect the agricultural value chain in order to make smallholders more visible to the markets and agricultural data for improved food production and improved livelihoods.

Our objective is to avail and democratize agricultural information so as to enable the cutting down of the cost of doing business in agriculture to a great extent. This will save incredible amount of money and time for farmers, agribusinesses, and cooperatives that outrageously spend in managing the risk of doing business. In a situation where stakeholders and partners can know each other easily and exist as entities in a single platform, we believe agriculture will be boosted to unimaginable levels.


We help farmers to produce more food with less input and better managerial support. We bring together the entire value chain for smallholders ranging from input providers, extension to financial services. Women farmers are able to interact and transact without bias or any of the hassles they usually encounter due to their new ability, through Verdant to not only learn market prices and forecast but also acquire and sell with ease and without discrimination due to gender.

Small-Holder Farmers

Verdant for Smallholder, rural farmers.

Using low-end phones USSD, SMS and voice services, rural farmers can interact with the system without hitches. This eliminates the need for the rural farmer to be tech savvy or to have a smart phone and at the same time provides incredible job opportunities for those that will serve as administrators.


Platform Independent app for All

Verdant can be downloaded from the apple store and the play store for an exclusive access to the amazing Verdant services, straight to your smart phone. Verdant takes advantage of information in many different places, bringing it one convenient spot for the farmer and presenting it in a functional and usable way.

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4th Floor, ROPP House

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Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria

E-mail : info@verdantapp.com

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